Central Reservation System (CRS)

A system where all booking services are implemented and provided to organizations and companies that intend to provide tourism services to other companies or travel agencies.


سامانه فروش آژانس مسافرتی

Travel Agency Sales System

Main Features: Diverse Services, User Panel, Admin Panel, Mobile Application, Electronic Wallet


Hotelsys is an up-to-date system By working closely with Iranian Hotel industry experts, It seeks to better meet the needs of the industry.


Online payment with web-based portals and secure transactions with daily settlement and 24th hour  support

Faraz CRS

Web-based online system for searching and booking travel and tourism services and products online

Idea Pardazan Danesh Arsham Company (Private Limited) is established in year 6 using active advertising in the tourism industry. The regional operating company of the company is carrying out projects from the Brothers Database in the tourism area.

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